Can Character Headcanons Change Fan Perception?

Most are born of fan communities, but fanon (short for fan-canonical) character headcanons hold significant power in the way viewers think about characters. That transformation brought about by headcanon is capable of not only shaping our personal views, but re-directing the entire fandom to a new unexplored dialogue.

Character Depth and Complexity

CANCEL A headcanon is an idea that a fan considers to be canon: it is believed, within the story, to have really happened.. canon in fandom is often the character headcanons creator that give additional layers to a character that the original storytelling did not do justice to. For example, maybe a character is coded as morally gray without the narrative back-up to justify it, but a fan headcanon can fill in this missing information with a backstory that makes the reader view them more as a hero whose flaws were tragically corrupted by the narrative - also known as the tragic hero concept. Adding that depth to a character will change the conversation surrounding the character, something that will likely mold how the character is seen and written about in potential future narratives.

Affecting Emotional Imagination

This is one of the main reasons fans headcanons are so important, and can potentially be quite damaging for the emotional connection fans feel with characters. Offering up headcanons by showing a character in a light that is more relatable through personality quirks or perhaps something they have or may be struggling with, (mental illness, hidden insecurity, etc), or even hinting at a previously unexplored relationship, can give fans outlet to find ways to feel more empathy or understanding for a character. One of the ways that headcanons benefit a narrative is by making characters more relatable to potential fans who face their own challenges - a headcanon that a stoic character has anxiety, for instance.

This emotional layer doesn't just alter how fans view a character, but also to what extent they care about the tale or show up for the community.

Driving Narrative Expansion

The fans are obviously not just passively consuming - they are engaging! These headcanons can also create fan fiction, fan art, and other fan-made media to explore these new ideas. Veering from the above, on the other side of the coin, fans of the character may not share the distaste for a particular portrayal, or they might do, and when this character returns to the comic with a portrayal that leans more heavily towards what they loved (or loathed) in the film, these explorations being fed back into the character can eventually lead to a rewriting of how the fanbase sees this character on the whole. When headcanons are popular enough, such as JJ Abrams' continuous spoiling of Lost events and J.K. Rowling's wise decision to make Dumbledore gay, they can even become a part of the official canon of a cheerful title, television show, or series.

Stimulating Community Engagement

Headcanons are something that drive a lot of discussion and in some cases argument in fan communities and for those who may not know that would be where fans decide a certain personality trait for a character. A good headcanon can lead to long discussions on the topic, result in fan theories, and even arguments, which is not only good for the community and how much it engages, but also strengthens the bond and love for the characters and their world. While this may be a place for head-canons to be brought to life it also ensures that thriving fan communities such as Reddit are kept alive thanks to the amount of head-canons that they generate, and the tools from Character head-canons creator to help you out in your time of need>]

Characterization Changed a Bit

Beliefs in what type of personalities the characters might also have can have big affects to the lens through which a fan sees the anime/ manga long time period. This can eventually start to filter through to how the character is written or performed in adaptations or sequels, if a particular headcanon takes enough 'root. For example, a particular headcanon that exists in the fandom that a character had a special motivation or an undisclosed past may very well lead the creators to pull that part of the audience headcanon into the main story and make those ideas officially definitive.

Contains spoilers for Episode IgnisIn general, character headcanons serve to do more than bind together the gaps in narrative logic, they give the earner the ability to re-perceive, or better yet, redefine characters from here on out. They allow for a more nuanced relationship to the story and for a dialog to develop between fans and text. In a world with a shrinking spotlight and big corporations getting to dictate what content gets made, fan headcanons are a reminder that this modern fandom has not and will never be silenced.

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