What's the HKU Acceptance Rate?


Hong Kong University (HKU) is one of the leading universities in Asia which is famous for its competitive academic programs and campus life. So HKU receives a high volume of both local and international applicants every year leading to tough competition for admission.

General Acceptance Rates

Hong Kong offers you a world-class education, but gaining acceptance to HKU is not easy since it is indeed quite competitive. On the whole, the school only admits about 10%-15% of its undergraduate applicants, signaling its status as a highly selective institution. This rate puts HKU on the same level as some of the best in the world, proving a great deal about the students and education both.

Breakdown by Faculty

Medical School: Probably one of the most competitive courses at HKU, the acceptance rate for medical is around 7% which indicates a hard core selection and competitiveness among students.

Law: Law is just about as competitive as programs go, and the Law school typically admits 10% of applicants, depending on the year and what program.

Engineering and Business: These faculties offer a wider range of programs compared to other PSEs (universities or colleges) and, have higher acceptance rates-typically 12% to 18% as they admit more incoming candidates for the entirety of their academic programs.CIS usually releases two digital rounds each year; one in May and June accepting applicants in the Fall and year before Spring intakes while the other commences at January-February time frames every beginning of a new academic year allowing students to receive admissions during the next school term.

Criteria for Admission

Apart from field of study selectivity, admission to HKU is largely determined by the applicant's credentials in terms of his or her GPA and in case of undergraduate studies letters of recommendation. Appraisal is based on character, extracurricular dedication and performance at interview if applicable. In short, HKU is aiming for high-profile individuals who will benefit the university in a number of different ways other than academics.

International Students

Acceptance rate is slightly different for foreign students, which may be a bit more lenient as part of the university's effort to globalize their community and support diversity on campus. In addition to the standard criteria, international students are rated on whether or not they can hit HKUs strict English-language standard, because if they cannot speak and write at a level high enough to succeed in English as the medium of instruction, they won't be able to survive here.

Postgraduate Programs

The acceptance rates to HKU postgraduate programs can be even more diverse than undergraduate program courses. It can be program-specific and based on the number of open research slot rates, which can really matter for research-centered courses such as PhDs, where alignment with a student's research interests and the strengths in the department are critical.

Careers Impacted

One benefit to graduating from HKU > better job opportunities. This is reflected in the fact that over 90% of HKU graduates go on to work or further studies within six months after graduation based on recent surveys.

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In Summary, the Acceptance rate is one of the reasons Likelihood of getting into University of Hong Kong is quite low which makes it a very competitive entrance exam. The university is invested in creating an encouraging, academically enriching setting so for those who can make it, the means justify the ends. The University of Hong Kong (HKU) offers top-notch education and a wide range of opportunities to grow and develop one self.

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